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gift cards

Offer an  Escape2Rooms experience to your friends or family
sending them a…

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It will be ask you to choose the number of players even though you may don’t know it yet. Don’t panic:

  • If the team is finally smaller than the gift card you offered. The excess amount stays available for further booking.
  • If the team is finally bigger, the extra players will pay directly when they book on the website to complete the amount of the voucher.
  • Otherwise you can choose a voucher amount of your choice (20-40-60) that can be use for any further booking.
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gift boxes

You’d like to test the escape game adventure at home? 

You could be interested by our play at home escape games UNLOCK.
The best board escape games.

Each game contait 3 adventures to play with your friends or family (from 10 years old)

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You like to puzzle your brain?

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