Our Rooms


 Two missions available
in our escape game at La Plagne

La chasse au Chuppayéti

The new “must have” pet is a very cute small yeti from the French Alpes. You dream of owning one yourself! Your guide take you to the old Emile specialized in local wildlife, hoping he can give you informations…

Will he help you catch one?

From 2 to 6 players
Difficulté : 3 over 5
From 8 years old.

Le bunker du Mont Saint-Jacques

In a post-apocalyptical, You are following a signal hoping to find a refuge and other survivors. Finally you identifie the origin of it at the foot of a mountain…

Are you going to find your place in the colony ?

From 2 to 6 players
Difficulty : 4 over 5
From 16 years old

Which mission to choose ?

The following advises doesn’t forbid you to choose the room you’d like. Except the children restrictions, you can choose the room you want.

We advise you La Chasse au Chuppayéti if :

  • You have none or a small experience of escape games.
  • Some of your team mates are under 16 or over 40 years old.
  • You’d like an atmosphere linked to the mountain.

We advise you the Bunker du Mont Saint-Jacques if :

  • You already have some experience of escape games
  • You like thrill rooms.
  • Your team is over 16 and under 40 years old