Can i book by phone ?

No, bookings are only available online.


Can I change my booking ?

No, bookings are fin and definitive.


Can we arrive early or late ?

It is very important to be right on time.
If you are late, your booking will be canceled without any refound.
If you arrive early it is possible we won’t be able to welcome you yet.
Please check the  localisation’s map of Escape2rooms.


can we play alone ?

No, the minimum is 2 players.


What is the maximum number of players in the rooms ?

Each room can be played by 6 players maximum.

What is the more enjoyable number of players in the rooms ?

The best number of players for efficiency and amusement is 4 players.


Can we play in the same time if we are 7 or more?

It is possible by booking 2 rooms in the same time. Overwer, this option is not available in our usual booking system. We invit you to send us an e-mail with your request.


Can we add players at the last minute ?

Yes if the total of players still doesn’t exceed 6 people. In this case the extra player will directly on site.


How long does the game last?

The game last 60 minutes but you are in Escape2Rooms about 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Can the kids play as well ?

The “chasse au chuppayeti” mission is available from 8 years old kids with their family.
We can also welcome kids group over 10 years old by themeselves. In this case the game master will go into the room with them.
The “Bunker” mission is not available for kids.


Can we come by skis ?

Yes it is possible but prepare it well. If you are late, the game will be canceled with no refond.
You can put your ski material at our partner SKISET Plagne Bellecote 30 minutes before your booking.
Dont’t forget to take spare shoes.
The time indicates on your booking is the time you must be at Escape2rooms ready to play (already changed).


Are the game in different language ?

Yes, both room are playable in french and english.


can i offer a gift card ?

Yes, by clicking here.


can i leave the mission in the middle of the game ?

Yes, every rooms are equiped with a safety switch allowing you to unlock the doors at all time.


are we going to do physical exercices during the mission?

No, hovewer you must be able to crouch and to walk on your knees.


Do i need specific knowledge to play ?

None specific knoledges are requirent solve an Escape2Rooms mission. All you will need is logic, creativity and team spirit.


DO YOU HAVE ANY disable access IN THE ROOMS? 

Our rooms are unfortunately not accessible to person with reduced mobility.


What should i wear ?

We advise you to come in confortable/streetwear clothes. Try to avoid sensible ones (white, cachemire…)