One teamteam
/ One roomroom
/ One missionmission
60 min. to escape

Discover a new game: Escape room! Use your brain in everything it does the best: imagination, logic, team spirit!

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The Chase of the Chuppa Yeti

Will you succeed to catch one?

The new "must have" pet is a very cute small yeti from the French Alpes. You dream of owning one yourself...

The Bunker of Mont Saint-Jacques

Will you find your place in the colony?

In a post-apocalyptical, you are following a signal hoping to find a refuge and other survivors. Finally you identifie the origin of it at the foot of a mountain…

For 2 :
38€ /Pers.
For 3 :
32€ /Pers.
For 4 :
28€ /Pers.
For 5 :
24€ /Pers.
For 6 :
20€ /Pers.